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Controversial Essay Topics

Controversial essay topics are a dangerous yet powerful medium to make an impact with an essay. No tutor will specifically ask for a student to choose something controversial. It's up to the student in Canada to make this decision for themselves. But it's an easy thing to make a mistake with. If you make any mistakes with these topics it all but guarantees a low-grade.

The idea behind controversial essay topics is to keep the reader engaged with the topic. It's hoped by targeting the issues which matter most to them they will be more inclined to read through the piece closely. It also demonstrates a significant amount of maturity on the part of the writer who has managed to handle such a difficult topic.

In order for you to successfully create one of these topics, it's to be something with some measure of debate attached to it. Without a debate it's not controversial. At the same time, any of the major points shouldn't offend the reader. People shouldn't feel offended because of a different opinion.

Here are 50 different controversial essay ideas so you can better understand the topics which work:

  1. Is religion a force for evil?
  2. Oil should be phased out.
  3. Should aborted foetuses be used for medical research?
  4. The death penalty should be brought back.
  5. Illegal immigrants should be imprisoned.
  6. The British Empire was a criminal regime.
  7. The monarchy is a force for good.
  8. Severely disabled people shouldn't be allowed to have children.
  9. Nuclear warheads need to be used more often.
  10. The moon landings were a waste of money.
  11. The USA was just as bad as the Soviet Union.
  12. 21st century politics promotes income segregation.
  13. Creationism is a form of backwards thinking.
  14. The Bible is not a book of facts.
  15. US soldiers are not heroes.
  16. Chain stores should be abolished.
  17. Oil drilling needs to be increased.
  18. Invading countries to topple oppressive regimes is justified.
  19. Civilians are valid military targets.
  20. Global warming isn't a manmade phenomenon.
  21. Marijuana is a safe drug.
  22. Forced civilian relocation should be implemented.
  23. GM crops are healthier than their natural counterparts.
  24. National security is more important than privacy.
  25. Religion should be a private matter.
  26. Only the rich should be allowed to enter politics.
  27. Obese people should be imprisoned.
  28. There is no point to life.
  29. Environmentalist views are an obstacle to productivity.
  30. The values of the US constitution are outdated.
  31. Big business should abide by different results.
  32. There's nothing wrong with tax avoidance.
  33. The founding fathers were racists.
  34. The American Civil War was imperialistic.
  35. America shouldn't have entered the Second World War.
  36. Independent parties should be abolished.
  37. Sanctions for carbon emissions are unnecessary.
  38. Developing countries need dictatorships.
  39. Tourists should have to pay extra costs.
  40. Celebrities shouldn't be allowed to associate themselves with politics.
  41. Self-governance is inefficient and confusing.
  42. Liberalism leads to high crime rates.
  43. People should be forced to register their social media accounts with the state.
  44. Espionage is vital to national security.
  45. Ageism is crucial to company productivity.
  46. Bullying builds character.
  47. There is no true god.
  48. Native Indian tribes shouldn't have any special rights.
  49. Gambling should be legalised.
  50. Philosophy is a worthless subject in the 21st century.

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