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Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays are the vehicles by which the writer moves an issue along. Instead of dwelling on careful debate and persuasive reasoning, the writer concentrates on educating the reader. Rather than spending time on a personal theory surrounding why something happened, students in Canada should spend time describing what happened.

Narrative is what creative fiction uses consistently. It comes in a variety of forms as description, dialogue, and scripts. It's necessary to paint a picture of something to a reader. Without first understand what's going on it's impossible to engage with the subject matter and understand why an event has happened, or why something is the way it is. You can transform practically anything into a narrative piece of writing. This is why thinking up narrative essay topics is quite simple.

Although you can make anything into a narrative piece of writing, it still has to grab the reader. If the reader isn't interested the essay won't gain anything above an average grade. But as long as the idea is intriguing there's nothing stopping you from choosing almost anything you can think of.

Here is a selection of 50 different narrative essay topics encompassing a variety of different subject areas:

  1. Write a speech as class president.
  2. Describe your favourite memory.
  3. Think of a vivid dream and describe what happens within it.
  4. Outline how to teach English to a younger student.
  5. Narrate a trip with your family.
  6. Narrate your first school trip.
  7. Describe what superpowers you would love to have.
  8. Make up a story about being trapped somewhere.
  9. Outline your most nerve-wracking experience.
  10. Outline a time where you were upset.
  11. Describe what you think is wrong with the world.
  12. Outline how you would improve your school.
  13. Write a plot for a new theatre performance.
  14. Write about your favourite artist.
  15. Outline and create a new religion.
  16. Narrate an action scene from one of your favourite films.
  17. Give an insight into what you value most in people.
  18. Describe what you think you will be like in ten years.
  19. What are your favourite memories with your best friend?
  20. Describe a haunted house.
  21. Outline your favourite month of the year.
  22. Describe your favourite holiday memory.
  23. Describe your own personality.
  24. Give an account of something weird.
  25. What would the world be like without colours?
  26. Outline a plan for a new invention.
  27. Describe your greatest hero.
  28. Outline a time where you were wrong.
  29. Give an account of a journey underwater.
  30. Give an account of a journey through space.
  31. Describe talking to a favourite animal.
  32. Outline your favourite weather.
  33. Write down your greatest achievement.
  34. Outline what's important to you.
  35. Narrate an epic battle.
  36. What you would do with a million dollars?
  37. Narrate your most embarrassing moment.
  38. Describe yourself when you were young.
  39. The funniest moment you can remember.
  40. Outline what you couldn't live without.
  41. Describe an invention which would change the world.
  42. Describe a disastrous scientific experiment.
  43. Give an account of the best news you've ever heard.
  44. Write about your favourite gadget.
  45. Write about a trip to another country.
  46. Give a narrative about being stranded in the desert.
  47. Describe a holiday you would create.
  48. Write about which school rules you would choose.
  49. Outline an obstacle you had to overcome.
  50. Your worst meal ever.

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